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One method of introducing orders into our order management system is directly via our shopping cart system. Another method of introducing orders into the CDC order management system is by FTP. Once the file transfer from our client's order system is mapped into the CDC system, we write scripts that connect the two systems for order downloads at predetermined intervals.

The CDC enterprise architecture is based on both client/server and web technologies. We are running a 100 MBPS internal network and are connected to the outside world via broadband circuits. CDC employs a large programming staff that develops and maintains its software systems, which are used by the MLM Back Office clients and Fulfillment Services clients, as well as users of other CDC Software Systems.

Our web and client servers are Microsoft Windows Servers. Microsoft SQL Server is the platform for our database servers. Microsoft ASP.NET is the web delivery model for our shopping cart and order management system.

Our data processing objective is to maintain a processing efficiency that will allow our fulfillment clients the real time connectivity that will facilitate their supply chain and enterprise management efforts.

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CDC Fulfillment Services, 3600 Regal Blvd. Memphis, TN  38118

Mike Lewis, Fulfillment Services Director,

Phone: 800-848-7481, Fax: 901-375-9197