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CDC is currently running a third party Warehouse Management System, which allows us to track all inventory movements within our distribution center. Each pallet, carton or counting unit is given a license plate and tracked in the WMS. 

To further facilitate inventory movement we are operating wireless data terminals. 

Bulk inventory in support of an order fulfillment program is moved to our pick, pack and ship area where it is used to replenish the pick-face. From the pick-face, product orders are tracked by our order processing system until they are handed off to a carrier. 

At the end of each shipping day, inventory balances and order tracking numbers are sent back to our Client's data processing system. 

Currently, orders are picked from paper, check weighed at the manifest station for accuracy, and prepared for shipment with the use of Clipper Ship Software. 

For "Next Day" and "Second Day" orders, the transit time through our warehouse is the day of receipt. For most ground orders the same is true, but late afternoon orders can be carried over to the next day. This means that the maximum transit time through our warehouse is 24 hours.

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