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We offer bulk storage to support any direct selling effort  which involves Pick, Pack, and Ship.  In addition, we offer bulk storage for Pallet-In / Pallet-Out, Pallet-In / Carton Out, or Pallet-In /Custom Order Out.

CDC Fulfillment can make local Memphis deliveries with our own truck and we can offer a custom just-in-time delivery program within the Memphis Metro Area.

Our warehouse facility which is located at 3600 Regal Blvd. is fully air-conditioned. Temperatures are maintained year-round at 75F to 82F.

The facility complies with requirements for food safe storage and is operated under a Sanitation and Pest Control Quality System Procedure.

We offer excellent storage space for prepackaged foods, food-supplements , nutritional Products, printed materials and any other heat sensitive product.

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CDC Fulfillment Services, 3600 Regal Blvd. Memphis, TN  38118

Mike Lewis, Fulfillment Services Director,

Phone: 800-848-7481, Fax: 901-375-9197