Years of Excellence


The CDC Distribution Center is located in the Airport Industrial area of Memphis , Tennessee and is readily accessible from I-55, I-40, I-240 and Hwy 78.

The warehouse is fully air-conditioned. With average temperatures ranging between 75F and 82F, it is an excellent storage space for packaged foodstuffs, supplements, and paper products.

The warehouse offers rack storage, and floor stacking and all inventory movement is controlled by a warehouse management system, with each pallet or carton having its own bar-coded license plate.

The facility complies with requirements for food safe storage and is operated under a Sanitation and Pest Control Quality System Procedure.

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CDC Fulfillment Services, 3600 Regal Blvd. Memphis, TN  38118

Mike Lewis, Fulfillment Services Director,

Phone: 800-848-7481, Fax: 901-375-9197